Music has a great importance in the celebrations of the church. Members of this ministry empower and encourage the voices of St. Timothy's Parish community by sharing their vocal, instrumental and leadership talents in worship at any of the  Sunday masses and at funerals. Music ministers humbly strive for the full and active participation of the people of God. Singing and music add to our Liturgical celebrations. The choir ministry is open to everyone.

Saturday 5:00 pm

Contact: Mikhai Vasile

Sunday 8:00 am

Anyone who would like to contribute their gift of music is welcome. All ages are welcome.

Rehersal: Once a week

Contact: Ruth Fernandes
Phone: (647) 914-6332

Sunday 10:00 am

An ensemble of Worship Music dedicated to Catholic Liturgy and Praise and Worship.

Rehersal: Once a week

Contact: Lalit Lobo
Phone: (647) 718-4227 

Sunday 12 pm

Adults who would like to contribute their gift of music are welcome to join the choir.

Rehersal: Once a week

Contact: Noel Gavin
Phone: (416) 848-3951

Sunday 5:00 pm

The choir has come to be known for it’s more contemporary style. If you would like to contribute your musical gifts, please send us an email.  Singers always welcome.

Rehersal: Between 3:30 – 4:00 pm prior to the mass

Contact: Ruth D’Souza

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16 Choir Member -Child-Youth.pdf