Altar Servers


The role of the Altar Server is to assist in presenting or arranging vessels and other items used in the liturgical celebrations. Their reverent and efficient service enable other ministers to attend to their own roles while the liturgical actions unfold with calm, order and appropriate decorum. As members of the assembly who are often visible to all, the Altar Servers are also models of excellent liturgical participation.


  • Assists with the preparation of the sanctuary and sacred vessels before the Liturgy and their proper care afterward.
  • Uses and cares for various items used in the Liturgy (cross, candles, incense, sacramentary, etc.).
  • Prepares altar or assists in doing so before the presentation of the gifts.
  • Assists with books and other altar accessories as needed.
  • Responds to special circumstances that may arise during the Liturgy.
  • Performs special tasks with dignity and otherwise participates fully as an exemplary member of the assembly.
  • Exhibits responsibility by serving when scheduled and taking part in rehearsals.   

Skills, Experience, and Qualifications

  • Is a baptized member of the Catholic Church and is already a participant in the Eucharistic Communion.
  • Has the necessary skills and sufficient maturity to serve the liturgical assembly as outlined here.
  • Has learned to participate fully as a member of the liturgical assembly.
  • Has participated in a training process that includes appropriate knowledge of furnishings, vestments, etc.
  • Has participated in a training process that prepares the server for the ceremonial procedures of the community.
  • Must be at least 9 years of age or older OR in grade 3.

Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Desires to serve the community and to commit time and talents to this ministry.
  • Welcomes opportunities to keep growing in understanding and appreciation of the Liturgical Rites, which they help the community to celebrate.
  • Has a spirit of generosity.
  • Sufficient maturity to focus on the Liturgy and exercise her/his ministry with proper behaviour and attention.

Orientation and Training             

​​​Standard parish orientation program and altar server training is offered.

Contact: Parish Office @ 416-494-6526