This ministry assists members of the Liturgical assembly with the preparation of the sanctuary, the altar and the sacred vessels before the Liturgy and their care afterwards. The ministers care for the various items used in the Liturgy such as the cross, candles, incense, holy water and other items needed for the day’s Liturgy. Training is required and service is on a weekly rotation basis.

At St. Timothy’s we have 17 dedicated sacristans serving at weekday and weekend Masses, totally 14 Masses.  We are blessed with so many Sacristans that we have enough of them to serve at alternate Masses every week.  However, we welcome new Sacristans mainly for the morning weekday Mass at 9.00 am.

Complete training, protocol, and orientation will be provided for the novices.  Currently, we need sacristans to serve at the weekday morning Mass.  You may contact the Sacristan coordinator John Monteiro through email

Thank you.