The Sacred Altar at St Timothys with Chalice, Paten, Roman Missal and candles

First Communion


Welcome to our First Holy Communion web page! My name is Ruth and I’m the Youth Minister and Sacramental Prep teacher here at St. Timothy in North York. I’ll be journeying with your son or daughter in the months before they receive their First Holy Communion and preparing them through teaching, activities, and prayer.

First Holy Communion is celebrated in Grade 2 (age 7/8) in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

We are now accepting registrations for children to receive their First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in June of 2024. The deadline to register is October 15, 2023!

For students attending St. Timothy C.S., St. Matthias C.S. and Our Lady of Guadalupe C.S., I will be visiting their schools twice a month from October to June to teach Sacramental Prep classes. Students in other schools, including private, public and homeschool, will be required to attend our online classes, also twice a month from October to June (see schedule below).

All the information you will need to register your child for our First Holy Communion program can be found in the form below. Once you register, I will be communicating with you via email so please be sure to provide a valid email address.

I look forward to meeting you and this year’s First Communion students!

Please direct any questions about First Holy Communion to Ruth at:

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Holy Communion actually changes us! Click here to learn more about this incredible gift from God!

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