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St. Timothy Catholic Church

Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC)




What is RCIC?


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC) is for children of age seven and up who are interested in becoming part of the Catholic Church.  Children who have not been baptized or children who were baptized in another Christian denomination are welcome to this program.


The RCIC is not a course, but a journey to enter in the life of the Catholic Church.  Its main focus is to come to know and live the fullness of life promised by Jesus Christ through listening to the Word of God (Bible) and participating in the liturgy of the Church, especially the liturgy of the Holy Mass.


Since parents are the first of teachers to their children, they also play a key role in the RCIC process.  Parents are therefore expected to accompany their children to come to Mass weekly during the program so that they may continue to teach their children to grow in faith in the family.


How does it work?


As mentioned above, the RCIC program is a journey of personal faith.   The child seeking to enter to the Catholic faith therefore needs to have a personal knowledge of God and freely choose to believe in God and His Church.   This journey consists of the following stages:


1.        Initial Inquiry – this period is the initial period in which the child comes to experience the various aspects of the Catholic faith.  The length of this period is flexible.  It can be as long as it needs for the person to decide to pursue the faith.


2.      Catechumenate – this is the stage that the child is ready to be prepared for baptism and makes a commitment to learn and participate in the life of the Church.   Those who express interest and have shown commitment in attending Mass and the classes will be enrolled to the catechumenate in December or January each year.



3.       Election – this is the stage of final preparation before baptism at the Easter Vigil for those catechumens who desire and are ready to be baptized.  This period begins on the first Sunday of Lent and consists of a series of liturgical rites, ending with baptism or reception into the Church on Easter Vigil.  At Easter Vigil, they will also receive First Communion.  Those Gr. 8 and up will also receive Confirmation.


4.      Mystagogy – RCIC does not end after baptism.   It continues into a period called mystagogy.  This is the period during which the sacraments they have received will be more fully explained.   It is also during this period that they will receive their first Sacrament of Reconciliation.




















Prepared on 30 October 2020